Pinhole Photography for 13-17 yrs

London based practising Artists Francisco Lerios and Clara Pereda are introducing a workshop on Pinhole Photography

This workshop will look into different ways of wandering around and capturing. Through the use of analogue photography and chance experiments, we will explore the process of gathering images as a way of opening up different ways of seeing and finding our way through the world around us.

On the first session, we will build portable pinhole cameras and look at how artists have challenged the idea of being in control, making their images a place for unexpected encounters, accidents and discoveries.

The images we gather will be the starting point for the second session, where we will try out different games, strategies and collective methods for finding connections between the dots, turning our findings into maps, narratives or scores.

Ages 13-17

Material provided

10 am – 1pm  Wednesdays 10th & 17th April









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