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Wellbeing Project

One of CAWH’s organisational aims is to improve the wellbeing of people in West Hampstead and Fortune Green.

Through the Keeping Well Together Project, we are working to increase social and volunteering networks to help reduce isolation and develop a sense of community for the local children, youth, adults and people of all ages.

We offer a range of opportunities for people to stay active and involved through a series of events, weekly classes and social gatherings.

Our activities include Dance for Fitness, Men’s Fitness, art classes, a gardening project, visits to the British Museum and online and face to face social groups. Whether you are sporty or arty, or just like to have a chat over a cup of tea, our groups give people a chance to make new friends, get creative and stay fit and healthy.

Local people have reported that the project has provided them with a place to come and make contact with other people, to socialise, learn new skills, have new experiences that help maintain their links to the wider community and keeps them involved. People who participate often become involved in either running activities or volunteering in other projects at the community centre.

We are always keen to hear your ideas for activities we could run so please get in touch by email at and share your thoughts.

Beatrice, our new staff member and a Keeping Well Together Project Organiser, would love to see you all at her first Coffee Morning on Tuesday 7th March from 11am! For more information, follow the link below.

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